About TES DKM Group



Teploenergoservice DKM LTD

TEPLOENERGOSERVICE DKM LTD – based in Russia EPC Contractor focusing on turnkey construction and operation of multiple technology power plans, modernization and repair of different heat & power facilities. The company was established in 1990 including representative office in Minsk, Belarus. Starting from 2004 the company initiated operational services provision for entire CHP cogeneration district heating power plant and natural gas extraction facility in Anadyr, Russia. The basic facts are more than 300 employees, own production workshops nearby Moscow and in Anadyr.

Interregional Energy Company LTD

Interregional Energy Company LTD - Belarusian entity, engineering office, specializing on project management, engineering services and investment & construction consulting. The main services offered by company are as follows: consulting in the field power engineering and power plants construction, performing project management functions for the Group needs and externally, equipment procurement, service, maintenance & plant operation.


VERA LTD – Belarusian engineering design developer and construction company specializing on engineering and construction of boiler houses, CHP and district heating systems. The company was established in 1989 and celebrates 25th anniversary in 2014. VERA LTD offers full cycle of services related to power generation turnkey construction, namely civil works, montage, assembly works, major overhaul services, upgrades and modernizations of power plants, boiler houses, district heating. The company comprises the following departments: design development, montage, welding and assembly works, insulation and brickwork team, start-up and commissioning team, nondestructive materials control laboratory and workshop for a components, heat surfaces and prefabricated on-frames modules construction including pressure vessels

Interregional Energy Company GmbH

Interregional Energy Company GmbH – German entity, specializing on investing in power stations and equipment procurement from EU to Belarus and Russia including trade finance structuring under HERMES export insurance coverage; the investment activity in Belarus in private power generation segment is operated via the company

TES DKM Group today

  • More than 20 years of experience in power generation different applications
  • Innovative solutions in energy efficiency
  • Own engineering center in Minsk
  • Cooperation agreements with reputable manufacturers
  • Production and repair workshops in Belarus & Russia
  • Offices in Germany, Belarus, Russia
  • Own transport vehicles and cranes
  • More than 500 employees  in 3 countries
  • More than 450 MW electrical installed reference flit